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A-Zperformance is a manufacturer and distributor of high-end SAAB performance and UNIVERSAL tuning parts. Our products are individually hand-made in the most renowned performance parts workshops of Hungary, with the expertise of Hungarian and Swedish specialists who are recognized actors in the car racing world.
High quality is a top priority even at the stage of selection of materials. Our main goals during the design and manufacturing process are to increase performance, promote durability and produce a clean-cut, understated design.
With A-Zperformance parts your car will become more valuable, your daily driving experience will be much more enjoyable, and your car will give you great joy and satisfaction if you enter a track day!

Founders of A-Zperformance

Zoltan Almasi
An expert in SAAB tuning, the Hungarian representative of MapTun Performance, a top-level athlete, chess grandmaster and founder of the SAAB Tuning Club Hungary

"As a Saab tuner I am motivated by the same kind of perfectionism, thoroughness and desire to win as I have when I play chess. The experience I have acquired as an athlete can be applied very well to car tuning, as – similarly to chess - one has to be able to understand a coherent, complex logical system and should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each possible move. As a chess grandmaster I have been dealing with SAAB tuning since 2002 when I bought my first SAAB. The new shiny black 2.0 185 HP 9-3 (OG) received from the car saloon has undergone a major transformation in the last couple of years. While it was originally a comfortable cruising car it has now been converted into a 400 HP/500 Nm, lowered, matte-black sports car, rebuilt with the most excellent parts, which can outrun the most famous brands of car under any circumstances. Several years of learning and gaining experience in development, the use of countless tried-and-tested parts and the growing number of occasions on which I received personal encouragement planted in me the idea that I should try to pass on this knowledge in the form of my own business. Please join me!"

Gabor Robert
SAAB fan, Hungarian representative of MapTun Parts, Commercial and Marketing Director of DATAHOUSE, recumbent bicycle user, member of the Ars Nova Vocal Ensemble, founder and leader of SAAB Tuning Club Hungary

"I bought my first SAAB, a very rare 90 model, in 1994. I really liked its specialness and robustness and, above all, the sense of culture that come with ownership of the car and from the brand. I only used it for a few years but I have retained my commitment to and interest in SAABs whichever brand I drive. During the many years I have spent in the car industry and IT business the idea kept arising that a website should be set up with spectacular photos and videos of SAAB spare parts and accessories, which would also take advantage of the potential trading opportunities offered by social networking and video sharing sites. The big idea was first implemented by MapTun Performance who later welcomed my proposal to create the Hungarian version of their website. The business model has proven successful, the website continues to grow in terms of visits and turnover, and from this it was only a short step to set up a separate website for our products, featuring even more photos, videos and meetings of brands."