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A-Zperformance SAAB 9-3 bumpers with removable Carbon splitter!

Available for SAAB 9-3 2003-2006 models

Dsigned and produced by A-Zperformance. Available in any color, with or without fog lights and Kevlar structure.

Will fit: Saab 9-3 - 2003-2007- all version before facelift

During the design process we tried to create our own style that matches to the SAAB design philosophy, carries the tipical sporty and elegant brand style, but definitely presents the racecars aggressive style which can distinguish it from any stock or other bumpers at first sight. Also featured among the primary concerns is to find the character, which can be integrated the new air flow developments discovered in the automotive industry. Our aim not to offer a very cool bumper only, to offer an very efficient tuning product as well.
Designers: Richard Revesz, Zsolt Tarnok