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EBC brake discs and pads are available for SAAB models!

BLACKSTUFF, GREENSTUFF, YELLOWSTUFF brake pads and the D, GD, USR series are available

Very easy and simple to find the EBC pads and discs for your car, just click on your model in the model selector. The quality of the BLACKSTUFF pads is more or less the same with the OEM products, the GREENSTUFF is the first step for the tuning, the YELLOWSTUFF is the real tuning product which is ok perfect in the streets and tracks as well. The brake power is much better with the GREENSTUFF éand YELLOWSTUFF pads!

You can order G, GD, USR and BSD discs for your car. The material content is the same in case of G, DG and USR discs, the only difference is the surface. In the material of BSD discs have high Carbon content.