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A-Zperformance strut brace SAAB 9-5 1997-2010 Anthracite-Carbon
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A-Zperformance strut brace SAAB 9-5 1997-2010 Anthracite-Carbon A-Zperformance strut brace SAAB 9-5 1997-2010 Anthracite-Carbon A-Zperformance strut brace SAAB 9-5 1997-2010 Anthracite-Carbon A-Zperformance strut brace SAAB 9-5 1997-2010 Anthracite-Carbon
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Item no.: AZPTM9-5IC

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A-Zperformance strut brace - Anthracite-Carbon

Will fit:
Saab 9-5 - 1997-2010* - all version with 4 cylinder Petrol and Diesel versions LHD RHD
* Please note, the fuse box has to be replaced at the versions of 1997-2002!

Material: steel
Color: Anthracite-Carbon

The strut brace has a very important function for tuning cars with increased engine power, prevents the body twisting, makes the steering response and directional stability much better, the steering does feels more stable during rapid acceleration.
The brace and flanges connected to each other with bolts, so can be fixed for any mount angle.

In case of the 97-01 models, need to relocate the fuse box to fit the strut brace properly!

The set includes:
1 pcs sintered steel brace
2 pcs sintered steel flanges
2 pcs stainless steel bolts
2 pcs stainless steel nuts
4 pcs stainless steel washers

Customer feedback:
October 2015 - Antii, Tampere, Finland
"The product is very good, thank you for good product and good service! Car handles more calmer and responses much better to steering wheel."
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Gregory, BE - 2023-01-15

Excellent, next time I would also order this!

Installed on SAAB 9-5 AERO. The advantage of this product is that it fits both RHD and LHD vehichles without obstructing engine components or requiring any alteration of the bonnet and no other currently available unit does this on both RHD and LHD cars. Although bolted and not a one piece unit it makes installation and removal (if necessary for maintenance) easier and the the suspension attachement can be left in place. Having driven the car it feels more rigid and suspension is tightened up and adds to the changes I experienced with the addition of a limited slip differential. Looks nice in my opinion in the carbon fiber. Pulling on the unit\'s main bar side to side makes the chassis move side to side slightly with temporary disturbance of coolant fluid level in the resevoir suggesting good coupling and a rigid design which is not too heavy.

I recommend