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A-Zperformance New Forged B205 engine block SAAB 9-3 9-5 2.0 Petrol
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Item no.: AZPB205FBE

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A-Zperformance New Forged B205 Engine base block

Newly developed A-Zperformance forged engine for Saab 2.0T (B205) customers.
It is made of the best quality brand new OEM and forged parts.
It is assembled using factory technology, by a Saab technician specialist at Saab workshop.
It is also highly recommended for OEM engine replacement or performamce tuning.

You can reach 600HP with the A-Zperformance forged engine!

We paid special attention to the fact that for the installation of additional parts, control sets, covers, etc., it is not necessary to dismantle the current engine, they can be easily added.

Will fit:
Saab 9-3 - 2000-2002 - all versions with 2.0 Petrol engines (B205 )
Saab 9-5 - 1998-2010 - all versions with 2.0 Petrol engines (B205 )

The engine block is originally for 9-5 models after 2006, so for earlier 9-3 and 9-5 versions
it may be necessary to make a minor modification of the crankcase gas ventilation system or to purchase a crankcase gas exhaust system for models after 2006.

The kit includes:
1pc new, OEM engine block
1pc A-Zperformance forged Connection rod kit
1pc Wössner forged piston kit
1pc new, OEM crankshaft
1pc new, OEM main bearing kit
1pc new, OEM con rod bearing kit
1pc new, OEM thrust washer kit
1pc new, OEM aperture disc
1pc new, OEM oil cooling jets
1pc new, OEM expansion plug kit
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