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MapTun Performance Sport Air Filter SAAB 9-5 1998-2009 Petrol

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MapTun Performance sport air filter

Will fit:
Saab 9-5 - 1998-2009 - all Petrol versions

The two main features of the MapTun Performance sport filters:
- their airflow resistance is much less than the stock filters
- their geometric dimensions are the same with the stock filters, you can just drop-in the stock air filter box

Washable, oil-based, can be re-used, eternal life! Comes pre-oiled, ready for use. 

MapTun offers premium quality sport air filters to all SAAB versions. 
The most important aspect of the design was to increase the engine performance and achieve the high quality.

The MapTun Performance sport filters have high-tech brand level.
Average ratings

7 customers recommend this product!

András, HU - 2016-11-08

I am satisfied with it.

A könnyebb lélegzetvétel érdekében.

I recommend

Gáor - 2018-03-19

Excellent, next time I would also order this!

I can feel extra power. Fits perfectly. Érezhetően dinamikusabb lett az autóm, ajánlom mindenkinek. Pontosan illeszkedik a gyári helyére.

I recommend

Laszló - 2018-12-22

Excellent, next time I would also order this!

Nagyon jó minőség! / Top quality!

I recommend

Szilárd - 2019-03-21

Excellent, next time I would also order this!

Hallatszik ahogy szív a kicsike. 320 pacihoz már illő volt. / I can hear the inlet sound. It was necessary for the 320 HP.

I recommend