2018. 01. 12.
15% OFF on German Wössner pistons
For all Makes with oversize versions

2018. 01. 10.
Maptun Performance exhaust systems for SAAB models!
Sporty sound, E-marked or racing catalytic converters, accurate, and premium quality, lifetime warranty!

2018. 01. 01.
New Z-Performance wheels With TÜV certification!
Weight-loss ZP5.1 - available with Brushed Black and Candy Red finishes

2018. 01. 01.
New D2 Racing Wheels!
OS series - two-piece, forged rims, premium quality: OS-29 OS-30 OS-31 OS-32

2017. 12. 15.
RHD Strut brace for SAAB 9-3 Sportsedan versions!
Available with Black&White and Silver-Black finishes

2017. 12. 05.
WAGNER TUNING Intercoolers!
Premium quality, German intercoolers are available!

2017. 12. 01.
Perfect Christmas Gifts for SAAB fans!
A-Zperformance Black&White Series Strut Braces for SAAB models

2017. 11. 27.
VMR Wheels (USA) with 15-30% discount!
The special prices are available in November 2017!

2017. 11. 19.
A-Zperformance BLACK FRIDAY - 24 November
Contact now! Limited stock!
Unique, brutal discounts on the SAAB D2 RACING Brake Sets!

2017. 11. 18.
WAGNER INTERCOOLERS are available at A-Zperformance!
German quality intercoolers for Audi BMW Ford Honda Hyundai KIA Mercedes Mini, Mitsubishi Nissan Opel Porsche Renault Seat Skoda Volkswagen models with TÜV certificate

2017. 11. 15.
20 mm Rear anti roll bar for SAAB 900 9-3 models!
Black & White anti roll bar for street racing and track days!

2017. 10. 30.
do88 Anniversary! 20% OFF on all do88 products!
The 20% OFF is valid 1-10 November 2017!

2017. 10. 29.
SAAB strut braces - Black & White Series!
Cool and so crucial for performance SAAB's! Available for SAAB 9000, 900, 9-3 and 9-5 models.

2017. 10. 18.
New Z-Performance forged model in the pruduct range!
The double spoke "ZP.FORGED 9" is the newest beauty in the range of Z-Performance! Available with 19-21" diameters!

2017. 10. 17.
New jewel in the product range of Z-Performance!
"ZP.FORGED 10" the newest forged wheel from Z-Performance is available with 19-22' diameters! Click

2017. 10. 08.
D2 Racing coilovers for BMW E30 E36 E46 models
D2 RACING Street, Sport and Drift coilovers for M versions too!

2017. 10. 08.
New colors for 2.1 Z-Performance wheels!
Matte Carbon and Glossy Metal, available for 2.1 Flow Forged models!

2017. 09. 13.
TEIN Damper Kit SALE!
30% OFF in September! Link

2017. 09. 11.
A-Zperformance Black & White Special Series
Coming soon!

2017. 08. 31.
A-Zperformance clutch with single mass lightweight flywheel!
-30% lightweight flywheel, Faster throttle response, 700+Nm!

2017. 08. 28.
SALE! TEC GT5 PORSCHE wheel - 15% OFF!
For 8.5 és 10 x18!

2017. 08. 26.
Free delivery in Hungary!
Summer end sale! Free delivery for all stock parts in Hungary!

2017. 07. 30.
Go fast and stop faster!
D2 Racing street or sport 4-6 or 8 pistons brake kits from 286 mm to 400 mm for BMW, Ford Mustang, SAAB and Volvo models.

2017. 07. 30.
Audi VW Skoda EA888 (1.8TFSI és 2.0TFSI) high oil consumption solution!
The A-Zperformance offers solution for Audi, VW, Skoda owners, who has EA888 engine family engine with 1,8TFSI and 2.0TFSI, manufactured between 2008 and 2011 and suffering from high oil consumption symptom!

2017. 07. 24.
TEC (ASA) GT2 8.0x18, Crystal Silver on OPEL ASTRA GTC with TÜV and ABE certificate!

2017. 07. 19.
A-Zperformance Ceramic coated manifolds are available for SAAB 9-3 9-5 Trionic 5 and 7!
Custom made, stainless steel, ceramic coated exhaust manifolds are available with various turbo flanges!

2017. 05. 31.
Z-Performance SALE in June!
15% DISCOUNT for dedicated models OR FREE tyre fitting for the other wheels!

2017. 05. 15.
Free delivery in EU over 330 Euro!
Free delivery in ALL EUROPEAN UNION countries in MAY 2017!

2017. 04. 15.
D2 Racing brake kit CLEARENCE up to 20% discount with TÜV!
Do you want better breaking performance over the OEM brakes, which is quickly overheating and deforming under heavy load?

2017. 04. 14.
10% discount on the lay in store Magnaflow exhaust mufflers
10% discount on the lay in store stainless steel MAGNAFLOW sport mufflers!

2017. 04. 13.
KRONA PERFORMANCE (USA) Ford Mustang exhaust systems are available!
Krona Performance (USA) Ford Mustang Ecoobost and GT exhaust systems with lifetime warranty and with one of the best sound of the market!

2017. 04. 03.
A-Zperformance SAAB 9-3 front bumper with "Hirsch" style lower grill!
The front bumper is available with black ABS, honeycomb grill as well! It is so similar to "Hirsch" style. Link for the bumpers.

2017. 03. 21.
Z-Performance exclusive wheels in A-Zperformance product range!
Exclusive Dealer in Hungary: A-Zperformance

2017. 03. 17.
A-Zperformance on AMTS!
Be our guest! Your are welcome in our stand of Automobil and Tuning Show on 24-26 March! Special surprises and offers!

2017. 03. 13.
Best offer for D2 brake kits from stock! SALE UP TO 20%!!

2017. 03. 08.
Happy customer!
Custom made A-Zperformance-PROEX sport complete exhasust system

2017. 03. 04.
Upgraded Mitsubishi TD04HL-19T turbo for B205 and B235 engines!
A-Zperformance and DTK Turbo proudly presents their Mitsubishi TD04HL-19T turbo, which includes 7 cm3 exhasut housing, 11 blade Billet compressor wheel and machined
compressor housing!

2017. 02. 04.
Wössner season opening SALE!
18-20% Sale for Wössner forged piston and connecting rods kits!

2017. 01. 22.
High quality Sport exhaust tailpipes in stock!
AMG DTM style, Carbon covered, Special or Simple tailpipes with TÜV/ABE certificate!

2016. 12. 10.
Special SALE prices until 24 December!

2016. 12. 02.
Exclusive Chiristmas offer! BMW E30 bodykit with exclusive wheels!
In December 2016. you can order the TM30 STREET bodykit with set of wheel! The value of the extra package is 500 Euro!

2016. 11. 02.

2016. 10. 21.
A-Zperformance bodykit in any color!

2016. 10. 07.
do88 silicone hoses and kits are available!
do88 intercooler, coolant, inlet and outlet hoses for AUDI, Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda, Porsche and SAAB models!

2016. 09. 29.
Carbon patterned decor covers in stock!
Made with HYDRO DIPPED technology, which perfectly matches to wide variety of surfaces.

2016. 08. 11.
New product!

2016. 08. 03.
10% discount on each custom made, premium quality exhaust manifolds in August! Yes, the special price is available for the ceramic coated manifolds too!

2016. 06. 27.
SAAB 9000 A-Zperformance ceramic exhaust manifold is available!
Custom made, stainless steel, ceramic coated exhaust manifold is available for SAAB 9000 four-cylinder versions!

2016. 05. 27.
A-Zperformance ceramic coated exhaust manifolds are available!
Custom made, stainless steel, ceramic coated exhaust manifold for T5 and T7 engines are availabe!

2016. 03. 03.
VMR luxury wheels for Saab 9-5 (2010-2012) models!

2016. 02. 26.
POWERFLEX products are available!
The total SAAB POWERFLEX product range - - including BLACK SERIES - are available for all SAAB versions with competeitive prices!

2016. 02. 19.
2016 model range of Japan Racing wheels are available!

2016. 02. 19.
Only one ceramic coated tubular manifold is available for SAAB 900 Classic turbo on 558 Euro (490 USD)!
Only one high quality, stainless steel, ceramic coated tubular manifold is available for SAAB 900 Classic turbo versions!

2016. 01. 17.
MAGNAFLOW exhaust mufflers are in stock!

2016. 01. 16.
EBC brake pads are available from 22 Euro!
BLACKSTUFF, GREENSTUFF, YELLOWSTUFF brake pads and the D, GD, USR series are available

2016. 01. 10.
A-Zperformance TiD and TTiD intercooler kits in stock!
The custom made intercoolers and hoses are made from 100% aluminium and stainless steel

2015. 12. 07.
A-Zperformance strut braces in stock!
Christmas SALE price: 100 Euro + Shipping
SAAB 9-3, 9-3II, TurboX, 9000, 9-5

2015. 11. 17.
D2 coilover suspension kits in stock!
D2 coilover suspension kits are on stock for SAAB 9-3II and 9-5!

2015. 10. 14.
EBC brake discs and pads are available for SAAB models!
BLACKSTUFF, GREENSTUFF, YELLOWSTUFF brake pads and the D, GD, USR series are available

2015. 10. 10.
VMR Wheels (USA) Performance Luxury alloy range is available!
All VMR models are available for any cars, espacially for BMW, AUDI and Volkswagen!

2015. 10. 01.
We are looking for Sales Partners in the US for our bodykits!
If you are interested in, please contact us in E-mail or Telephone.

2015. 09. 22.
ASA and TEC by ASA alloy wheels are available!
All ASA and TEC by ASA models are available for any cars!

2015. 09. 03.
WÖSSNER forged piston kit and connecting rods in stock!
Available for SAAB 900, 9-3, 9-5 and 9000 in original, first and second oversizes with short delivery

2015. 08. 22.
D2 brake kits in stock for SAAB 9000!
Available on INCENTIVE PRICE until 31th of September with BLACK and RED calipers!

2015. 08. 17.
A-Zperformance front bumper with Carbon splitter for SAAB 9-3 SportSedan
The Bodykit is available in separated components

2015. 08. 17.
Westlake Sport RS Semi-Slick tires on stock!
The tires are available in 225/45R17 on Best price, recomended for track and street use as well

2015. 08. 17.
SAAB track day on 26th of September!
Welcome on the SAAB track day on the RÁBARING sponsored by ESZ-COOL and A-Zperformance! 

2015. 08. 17.
D2 brake kits for SAAB 9000!
Available on Sale price until 31th of September with black and red calipers