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A-Zperformance-PROEX RACING exhaust system for SAAB 9-5!

Gives extra 28 HP comparing to the stock exhaust system!

Professional, racing-sport quality exhaust system from turbo to chrome tailpipe. This performance exhaust system is designed, developed and produced by A-Zperformance and "PROEX RACING".  The "PROEX RACING" is a well known name in the motorsport, their technical expertise and manufacturing technology is the quality warranty for our exhaust systems. Each A-Zperformance-PROEX exhaust system is made for performance improvement, but with the compromise that makes the car enjoyable in street conditions. The downpipe, center and rear part of the exhaust system are connected with soluble screw connections so that any part can be quickly and easily removed and replaced, optionally replaced. The openness of the exhaust system can be customized on unique requests. If the quality and the exciting sporty sound is the primary goal, we can reduce system openness to the factory value.